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AHAV: Love, Humanity, Soul & Life​​

The abreviation AHAV is latin and stands for Amo (Love) Humanita (Humanity) Animo (Soul) & Vita (Life). The logo is an arabic symbol representing love, and the name means love in hebrew, we used the 3 essential languages of knowledge, religion and of math, this together symbolizing unity. Gender, race, ethnicity, religion and sexuality is irrelevant to this brand. Our creations are unique and include various gemstones, crystals and different types of metal. Each product which is handmade by us is unique, we rarely make the same jewelry piece twice. In this store we believe each piece has it’s own owner, we truly believe we have something for everyone. If we don’t we can make! It is also possible to contact us for your own design or to alter one of our own pieces (to a different gemstone, or whatever the request may be) 

Everyone is unique and everyone should be able to be themselves. We are here to help you represent you.


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