Born and raised in Curaçao

As long as I can remember I have been making or designing something.
My first creations were made out of telephone wires and sold at school. I was seven years old and all I did
was make jewelry out of everything I could find.

I never thought of making a label or take pictures
of my designs. When talk started to create a label I was asked to come up with a name and a logo.

To do so I needed to define who I was and what I stand for. So I brainstormed and wrote the following:
'I am human, I love humanity, I respect people. I love soul and spirit and I love life itself." Great, but too
long for a name; So the name A.H.A.V. Stands for Amo (love) Humanitas (humanity) Animo (soul)
Vita (life), in latin the language of science. AHAV as a word is love in Hebrew. The logo is love in Arabic.

It is set in a (tear)drop, representing water, the element that flows through our body, seas, and life.
Life begins with tears and ends with tears.

My designs are inspired by my experiences, what I see and feel. I love colors, I try to use only natural materials
which are obtained legally and fair trade.

The next question was: Who do I want to buy my jewelry? I design with my heart; I do not design with my
pocket. I want everyone to be able to afford me and I want people to carry over the message of AHAV. The
message AHAV sends is that all humans are equal, our skin color, our believes and sexual preferences makes
us unique individuals, but equal humans. Be a better human help your neighbor, a stranger and animals
around you. Share your wisdom and respect others.

- Monique Elmondalek



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